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:: Wholesale prices (to shops) are listed :: Retail prices (to individuals) are double ::

While man may live without wanting to eat meat, he cannot live without bamboo.
Without meat, a man becomes thin; without bamboo, a man becomes trivial.

Chinese philosopher Su Shi, 11th century CE
Quoted on page 62 in Bamboo and Rattan: Traditional Uses and Beliefs by Jacqueline M. Piper
Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1992

*our Organic LLC bamboo crest*

*organic bamboo earplugs ear plug spiral*

Bamboo is a type of grass that is lightweight and naturally hollow. While almost all of our plugs are a tannish yellow color, bamboo can range from light yellow to light green, brown, almost black, striped, or spotted. The ends are slightly chamfered (beveled/cupped) to make for smooth insertion. The plugs come pre-oiled; keep them well oiled for smooth insertion. They should be washed periodically with a mild, non-chemical soap, or a small amount of tea tree oil may be used if something stronger is desired.

Only cylinder shapes are possible as the outside surface of bamboo is a smooth, naturally protective surface (called the cuticle, cortex, outer skin, or rind) that would be removed if bamboo is carved into flared saddle or ring shapes - the material located below this surface is much more porous and less dense, and thus not suited to be worn in contact with body piercings.

*picture of bamboo plugs* The ones featured on these images that are solid on the front are cut on the node of the bamboo (also known as the diaphragm or membrane); they have a very mild one-flare shape, are hollow in the back, are hard to match in pairs, are often slightly rougher than the center of the rod of bamboo, and are harder to match into pairs. We pre-make them when possible, and they cannot normally be custom ordered past 1". Also, the images show several bamboo plugs placed inside one another for space contraints on the photo, and does not represent a type of bamboo earplug available (several have asked!).

We occasionally have some black bamboo available in limited sizes. This can range from dark chocolate brown to medium spotted brown. As the coloration is on the wearing surface only (the outside of the cane), only a small outline of this darker coloration will be visible when the cross-section is viewed. Please ask if you are looking for a specific size in black bamboo.

*bamboo in bamboo organic ear plugs*

  • Specify diameter. We can work in gauges, inches, or millimeters. In between sizes are not a problem!
    NEW! Tiny bamboo! While our usual minimum diameter is 7ga, for a limited time we currently have the materials to make bamboo plugs all the way down to 11ga, 10ga, 9ga, and 8ga!
    Our current maximum diameter is 2-9/16" (actually, please check with us as we may have larger pieces!).

    Most bamboo is slightly cardiod in cross-section (heart shaped), with a rounded off divet out of one side. We do not use these pieces; we only make bamboo plugs that have cross-sections that are as round as possible. Though we have very tight tolerances, due to the slightly elliptical shape of bamboo, diameters may be approximate or averaged across a mildly oval piece, especially with plugs over 1". Very large pieces tend to be more oval. If you are specifically hoping for oval bamboo plugs, feel free to request it.

*bamboo plugs within bamboo plugs*

  • Specify length. A typical length is 1/2", though we can make them any size.
    Some people prefer shorter lengths, around 7/16", or longer lengths to allow room for fatter lobes or o-rings, such as 9/16" or 5/8". There is a material surcharge for bamboo 1" or over in length.

  • Specify with or without black o-rings (Buna-N nitrile), which we will provide if we have them on hand.
    We do not normally include them; if you don't ask, we will assume that you do not want them.

*black bamboo plugs*

*one side solid bamboo ear plugs* We currently have an average of a two to three week wait for custom made bamboo.
We always have some pre-made plugs in stock, even some one side 'solid' bamboo, singles, and black bamboo. These cannot always be custom ordered as the materials themselves dictate what we can make. Please call us to ask about our current selection.

*one side solid bamboo plugs*

One side solid bamboo has a natural one-flare or tapered form, which takes up some length.

Also note that 'black' bamboo is on average a dark chocolate brown, but can vary widely and can also exhibit a spotted light or medium brown appearance. This coloration is natural and only appears on the outer surface, or rind, which is the wearing surface for bamboo plugs. Thus black bamboo plugs will still appear yellowish tan on the ends as shown, with a halo of dark coloration around the rim of the circle.

*black bamboo solid plugs*

Finally, the image above shows a few pairs of the black bamboo that also happen to be one-side solid. Wow! It is quite rare to find the materials to make these, and also to have them match up in size, visual pattern, and hue into pairs - thus, they cannot normally be custom ordered. Ask us about what we might have in stock in all types of pre-made bamboo.

We have black bamboo in 1/2" or larger diameters only, and not in every size. This is mainly due to the fact that most black bamboo is cardiod (heart) shaped or has large dips or flat spots on it in smaller sizes.
We normally make one-side solid bamboo up to 1" only, as the pattern of the solid parts can vary widely, as well as level of flatness or convexness, and it is quite difficult to form matched pairs in large sizes.

*big bamboo plugs*

*bamboo plugs with different wall thicknesses*

Wall thicknesses and the corresponding hole sizes will vary. While most will look like the pair on the far left of the top image, larger diameter plugs (over 1-1/8" or so) can often have quite thick walls. In the case of timber bamboo, also utilized for scaffolding and construction, some walls make the cross-sections look almost completely solid. Thick-walled bamboo can be great for doing burnt patterns upon as well.

::Wholesale Prices for Bamboo Jewelry::
Retail prices are double, as usual.

Black bamboo is occasionally available (1/2" or larger only) for $1 extra/piece ($2 extra/pair).
Add half the base price for one side 'solid' bamboo (1" and under only), or for lengths 1" or over.
Add half the base price for most types of burnt ends, although some intricate designs will require adding on the full base price.

*bamboo cross-section* *bamboo cross-section*
Smaller than 1/2" =$4/each  ($8/pair)
   1/2" to under 1" =$5/each  ($10/pair)
1" to under 1-1/2" =$6/each  ($12/pair)
1-1/2" to under 2" =$8/each  ($16/pair)
 2" to under 2-1/2" =$10/each ($20/pair)
2-9/16" and up = Please call!      

*wholesale versus retail prices reminder*


If you want to refer to the below designs when we are discussing custom work,
please call them, in order: #A/#B, #C/#D, #E, #F, #G/#H, and #I/#J.
This first batch of images are all posted at life size.

*burnt bamboo burned ends dots cylinder shaped plugs #C*

*Markus design burnt bamboo ear plugs #D*
#A (top grouping) and #B (bottom grouping)

*bamboo ear plugs with burnt design patterns ends #B*

*bamboo ear plugs with burnt design patterns ends #A*
#C (top) and #D (bottom: note that these are all small sizes)

*bamboo plugs design burnt on the faces*
#E (mostly small sizes)

*burnt AND one side solid design bamboo plugs*
#F: Note that these plugs have burnt designs AND are one side solid! Shazaam!

*bamboo plugs design burnt on the faces*

*5 pairs burnt bamboo 4 sacred PA2 bamboo plugs*
#G (top) and #H (bottom)

*Czech branded design burnt bamboo plugs*

*bamboo plugs design burnt on the faces*
#I (top) and #J (bottom)

This next batch of images are all posted as smaller thumbnails.
Please click on these smaller images below to view versions at full size.
If you want to refer to these designs when we are discussing custom work,
please call them, in order: #K/#L, #M/#N, #0/#P, #Q/#R, #S/#T, #U/#V/#W, and #X/#Y/#Z.

*bamboo ear plugs with burnt design patterned ends #E* *bamboo ear plug with burned design patterns ends #F*
#K and #L (note that both of these show very large thick-walled plugs only)

*bamboo ear plug with burnt design patterns ends #G* *bamboo ear plugs with burned design pattern ends #H*
#M (large diameter plugs only shown) and #N

*bamboo ear plugs with burnt design pattern ends #I* *bamboo ear plugs with burnt designs patterns ends #J*
#O (left) and #P (right)

*bamboo plugs burnt designs patterns ends #K* *bamboo ear plugs with burned design pattern ends #L*
#Q (left) and #R (right)

*burnt bamboo earplugs #M* *varied sizes burned bamboo plugs #N*
#S (left) and #T (right)

*Canadian bamboo plugs order* *Canadian bamboo plugs order* *bamboo plugs with burnt pyrography burned burn branded patterns*
#U (left: repeated designs) and #V (center: large diameter plugs only) and #W (right)
As seen on the left-hand image, we can indeed do 'runs' of various sizes in one design.

*bamboo plugs decorated with burnt pyrography designs patterns* *bamboo plugs decorated with burnt pyrography designs patterns* *bamboo plugs decorated with burnt pyrography designs patterns*
#X (left) and #Y (center) and #Z (right)

*Markus like these burnt bamboo plugs branded*
This is one of Markus's designs. He really likes this pair.
Please let us know if you want us to design something unique for you!

We do not necessarily want to repeat the same designs over and over, so this will hopefully serve to give you a good idea about what is possible in what size. Once you click these thumbnails you'll see the images posted at 100%, like the rest of our website. Obviously, many of these are huge, and complicated patterns can only go on big plugs with thick walls, so small plugs will have to be simple and minimal, like on images #D and #E. If there is a certain unique design that you are hoping for, that can realistically fit onto a pair of plugs at your size, please let us know and we can burn it for you. It must be composed of lines and/or dots, and can be on any size of bamboo plug. We can also design something unique just for you and make it a surprise.
All of these particular plugs have already been sold; others can be custom ordered!

In most cases, add half the pair prices for burnt designs on the ends of bamboo plugs.
For example, if the pair price for plain bamboo would normally be $12/pair,
a pair with burnt designs on one end of each piece in the same size would add $6/pair, to total $18/pair.

Though most designs will follow the above rule, we reserve the right to charge an increased fee for complicated, intricate, or large burnt designs. For example, burning the Marquesas Islands honeycomb designs (the big pairs on #A or #C, the upper designs repeated on #U, and bottom right pair on #Y) requires a lot of precise strikes and takes a ton of time compared to almost all the others, so that is a case where we'll charge more. The maximum fee would be equal to the same amount as the pair's base price. In the case of the above example, the maximum fee for adding a burnt design would be $12/pair, making the total cost of the pair $24 total. Just give a call and we'll give you a quote.

Bamboo with Burnt Designs on the Ends AND Wearing Surfaces

*all sides ends wearing surfaces faces burnt bamboo plugs A*
*all sides ends wearing surfaces burnt bamboo plugs C* *all sides ends wearing surfaces faces burnt bamboo plugs B*

*burnt bamboo diagnol*

Burnt bamboo plugs showing patterns on the longer wearing surfaces as well!!!
The three longer rows shown above show top, side, and bottom view of the same 5 pairs of plugs.
As you can see in these examples, we've matched up the wearing surface designs to be extensions of those on the faces. These could be two unrelated patterns instead if you'd prefer it that way.
The fee for burning bamboo is per surface, so the front faces of a pair would count as one, the front parts of the wearing surfaces would count as two, the back parts of the wearing surfaces would count as three, and if the back faces were burnt as well, those would be the fourth surfaces.

*septum bamboo plugs design burnt on the wearing surface*

We also do burnt designs on the wearing surface of bamboo septum plugs, as shown above.
Naturally, we can do longer septum plugs and rods in bamboo without burnt designs as well.
And of course we can also make bamboo for conches or any other spots you might want it for.
Please also note that there is a surcharge for lengths that are 1" or longer.

Bamboo with STAMPED Burnt Designs on the Wearing Surfaces

*tiny bamboo plugs with burnt designs*

Switching gears, here is something we have in limited amounts only:
Premade tiny bamboo, most with stamped burnt designs on the wearing surfaces. $6/pair.
Patterns and lengths will vary a bit as shown, and will not be identical from piece to piece or within a pair.
These cuties are available smaller than our usual minimum diameters! These sizes only:
>7ga singles, 6ga plain singles-all different lengths, <6ga burnt single, ±5ga pairs, and a >4ga single.
We only have what are already made of these little ones - they cannot be custom ordered.

More information about bamboo can be found on our
care instructions and material information page.

*bamboo ear plugs*

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*red dayak flower*