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:: Prices listed on this page are wholesale to shops AND to individuals ::

Sunlight captured, time frozen, life suspended... amber offers a view of an extinct world, the ancient remains of conifers whose resin once flowed to be exposed to the outside elements, to trap light and life in it's sticky embrace, and whose memory still washes up on the shores of the Baltic sea after a storm...

We've gathered some fine examples of jewelry being produced with Baltic amber, jet, and sterling silver. More jewelry can be expected and the availability will always be shifting. We tend to pick unique cuts and designs with Nordic and Celtic themes. What you see is what currently is in stock, and in most cases there is only one piece available of each style. The prices are loosely based on weight, with workmanship, uniqueness, and aesthetics all affecting them. Furthermore, all of these prices are set at wholesale levels for all customers to bring these amazing pieces to you in the most affordable way possible.

Our latest acquistions are showcased over on our new page for at least a month before they make it over here. We also have a page for our other goodies that contains various pendants and necklaces with different themes than what you'll find here.

We have a page just for bracelets, in materials such as amber, stone, cloisonee, cinnabar, and wood.
Many of the types of designs that would normally appear on this page, as well as some that appeared on our other goodies or new pages, will now only live on this bracelet page.
Examples include: amber bracelets with oval shaped chunks of amber, each one including an insect, a good amount of faceted amber bracelets set on elastic string, cognac and green amber cabochon and silver bracelets, and silver knotwork patterned cuffs.

*horizontal Baltic amber silver brooch*

Elegant horizontal amber and silver oval-shaped brooch. $70.

*3 dark Baltic amber and silver pendants*

Three dark Baltic amber and silver pendants. The central one is $40,
while the two faceted pendants on the outsides are $25/each.
One of the two smaller faceted pendants has SOLD; the central piece has sold.

Baltic amber necklaces with various hues of faceted beads!
Presented here are several gorgeous beaded Baltic amber necklaces. Enjoy!
Yellow, orange, cognac, cherry red, to almost black... many types of variations are available.
Prices vary based on weight and complexity of the faceting.

Amber necklaces should eventually be restrung with knots between the beads for longevity:
this prevents the beads from rubbing together and perhaps causing small chips,
and also prevents loss of individual beads in the case of string breakage.
Please click on the cropped images below to view an image of the whole necklaces posted at full size.

*elegant Baltic amber necklace faceted beads*

An elegant Baltic amber necklace with large faceted beads. $200.

*NOW 3 faceted beads Baltic amber bead necklaces*
First shown are necklaces that are $55, $56, and $63/each.

*3 facets beaded Baltic amber bead necklaces*
The second shown set of necklaces are $75 and $76/each.

*3 faceted Baltic amber necklaces*
Third we show three faceted Baltic amber necklaces; in order, we see:
the left has round yellow unusual diagnolly faceted beads ($75),
the middle has round beads that have two-toned checkered patterns ($87),
and the right has yellow oval non-faceted beads ($92).

*faceted Baltic amber bead necklace*
Fourth we have a necklace that is $87.

*2 facets Baltic amber necklaces*
The fifth image shows necklaces that are $90 and $100/each.

*2 faceted Baltic amber beaded necklaces*
Sixth shown has two necklaces that are both $105/each.

*2 faceted Baltic amber beads necklaces*
The last image shows a necklace that was $125 (SOLD),
and another that is $140.

Please visit our bracelets page for matching faceted Baltic amber beaded bracelets.

*Baltic amber big chips necklace*

Baltic amber necklace composed of raw polished free-form chip beads.
This is a large and heavy necklace: 3.75 ounces (106.5 grams) total! $50.
Please click this thumbnail-sized image to view one posted at life size.

Antique jet necklaces!
I was pleased to have found these gorgeous faceted old jet pieces at reasonable prices
that I am able to pass on to you (after keeping one for myself, of course)!
All exhibit a somewhat dry or dull-looking patina to them - a testiment to their age.

Jet (aka lignite) is a type of highly mineralized wood, largely made up of carbon which imparts a rich black color. Indeed, this is the material that started the phrase 'jet black.' Amber deposits have been found in jet, leading some people to believe that in these examples, the jet was formed from the wood of the tree that actually produced the amber. Neat! It's pretty hard to classify... it's no longer wood, yet it has not quite petrified to be thus deemed stone (the cells have not been completely replaced by minerals). It is most closely related to coal, and yet it is often intimitely associated with amber. A beautiful enigma!

*long jet faceted beaded necklace*

The first shown is very long and elegant (33-1/2"), and is an extremely long jet necklace made of graduated faceted round beads ($175). Three of the large beads (though not the very largest center bead) appear to be newer than the others. It is strung on a temporary black string as shown.
Click on this preview to view a full-sized image.

*long faceted old jet necklace*

This is a very long old jet necklace made from oval faceted beads.
A few of the tiniest beads are made from black glass ($175).
Please click on this smaller image to view the whole necklace.

*jet strands*

Three different new jet bead strands...
the first and last two are faceted ($30/each), and the middle one is square ($25-SOLD).
These are not finished necklaces, but strands of beads only.
Please click on this scan to view one at full size.

*french jet black glass necklace*

Several old 'French jet' (aka black glass made to replicate jet) faceted beaded necklaces.
Three are shown; please click the above image to view all of them at life size.
Prices range from $40-$50/each. The first piece has SOLD.

*Germany French jet necklace black glass*

French jet old black glass double necklace, actually made in Germany ($35).

*4 Baltic amber and silver oval pendants*

Four Baltic amber and silver oval pendants. These are priced, in order, at:
$23, $24, $25, and $28/each. They are priced based on weight.
All have 'sun-spangles,' aka lily pad shaped discoidal fracture inclusions.

*2 amber pendants insect inclusions*

Two different free-form amber and silver pendants with insect inclusions.
Please click on this image to view another that has been blown-up to show detail.
The first was $65 (SOLD - four bugs and two long strands of twisted long plant matter), and
the second is $62 (SOLD - a bit heavier and with a larger very visible bug, some surface marring).

*2 square Baltic amber pendants*

Two square thick Baltic amber and silver pendants.
$40 and $45/each.

*4 faceted Baltic amber pendants*
*4 faceted Baltic amber pendants*
*4 faceted Baltic amber pendants*

Two views of four faceted Baltic amber pendants,
and a close-up with one in the sun. $15 to $30/each.
Note these photos have not been posted at life size.

*round silver pendant*

Round silver pendant with 7-based design.

*Celtic knotwork tree pendants copper*

Celtic knotwork and tree pattern two-toned pendants:
$25/each small round or square; $30/each large round or oval.
The medium round piece with a Celtic plus-shaped design on the left side of the middle row,
and the tree on the bottom left have both SOLD.

*Celtic silver set bracelet only*

This silver bracelet has six round emblems with identical Celtic knotwork. $65.

*Celtic knotwork leather necklace*

Silver and green Celtic knotwork necklace with knotted leather cord.
$25. Please click through to see an image of the full necklace.

*nordic pendants charms silver triskel*

Silver Nordic or Celtic pendant:
a fat triskel ($8).

*convex triskel pendant*

Sterling silver convex triskel pendant ($12).

*diamond knotwork pendant*

Sterling silver 4-based angular diamond knotwork pendant ($12).

*intricate Celtic knotwork pendant*

Small triangular pendant with two suspension points
displaying intricate Celtic knotwork ($5).

*Celtic knotwork dog pendant*

Celtic knotwork beast pendant, probably a dog ($25).

*Icelandic style Thor's hammers*

Icelandic style Thor's hammers
made of a silver or bronze colored base metal. Only $2/each.
There is a hole in the mouth area for suspension from a cord or chain.

Traditionally made Russian birch bark boxes, embossed with leaves, animals, or other folkloric designs.

*Russian birch bark box*

Oval Russian birch bark box. Medium-large. $18.
There is even a pattern on the inside bottom!
Note that there is a small break near the top seam.
This photograph does not show this box at real size.

*Russian birch bark box Vikings*

Small Russian birch bark box showing a log cabin and a river with sailing boats.
There is even an image inside of the box bottom. The Vikings are coming! $12/each.

*Russian birch bark box large*

A large tall oval box that is $20.

*Russian birch bark box medium oval*

An oval box with traditional house, with braided edges, for $15.

*Russian birch bark box flowers and wheat*

An oval box with flowers and wheat design, with braided edges, for $10.

*Freya's tears natural amber drop shapes*

Freya's tears!!! Natural Baltic amber drop shapes. $10/each.
I've never seen pieces before that so resemble the ancient poetic term for amber such as these do.
The first two rows have neat walnut or brain-like patterns, the others are more smooth.
Although these are not being sold by weight, for reference,
they range from 0.9 to 4.1grams (.035 to .145 ounces)/each.

Please click on this image to view one with the sold ones marked.
In the 1st row, the first has SOLD.
In the 2nd row, the first and third have SOLD.
In the 3rd row, the first, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth over have SOLD.
In the 4th row, the sixth, seventh, and ninth (last) ones have SOLD.

*Baltic amber specimens bugs insects magnify magnified*

These Baltic amber specimens have bugs!
They are in little plastic cases with magnifying tops, as shown.
The small ones are $10/each, while the large one has SOLD for $20.

*Baltic Amber Specimens*

Baltic amber specimens range in overall shapes and sizes,
and average $2/gram (with a $25 minimum).
They all have lots of bubbles and inclusions.
Click on this scan for a close-up view of the first piece.
Ask about our current selection.

Polished raw copal specimens, most with bugs and other inclusions, are available for $1/gram.
Great for displays!!! This is an inexpensive option and a great way to see some preserved insect specimens while avoiding the much higher cost of amber.

Copal is within the continuum of fossil tree resins: it starts as resin; several thousand years later it is considered copal; twenty million or more years later it is considered amber. The word is derived from the Nahuatl (Aztec) word copalli, meaning 'incense.' It is softer and more brittle than amber, is soluble in acetone, alcohol, or ether (a drop applied to the surface makes the copal become soft or sticky), and has a lower melting point than amber, tending to actually melt rather than burn.

*copal specimens with bugs insects* *copal specimens with bugs insects*
*copal specimens with bugs insects* *copal specimens with bugs insects*

Close-ups are shown above of copal specimens with insects and hollowed out twig-like inclusions.
Please click on these thumbnails to view larger images. These photos are not to scale.
These close-ups show details of some of the pieces shown in the overall image below.
Top left: Row 4C - 93.4grams
Top right: Row 3B - 35.5grams
Bottom left: Row 2C - 31.8grams
Bottom right: Row 4A - 53.9grams

*Columbian copal specimens with bug bugs insect insects inclusions*

Please click this thumbnail to view one posted at life size.
Both smaller and much larger pieces are available. In the order shown, we have:

Row 1:
1.4grams (1A - tiny piece, little flow line and tiny bits of debris)
8.2grams (1B - insect and flecks)
9.5grams (1C - lines of bubbles, some cloudy parts)
9.8grams (1D - lots of tiny bubbles which makes it look effervescent and one insect)
12.5grams (1E - mostly clear with twig-like impression off to the side)
25.8grams (1F - bubbles of many sizes and bugs)

Row 2:
26.0grams (2A - at least 7 insects, bubbles, one side with an indent left unpolished - overall shape almost like the letter c)
26.4grams (2B - bugs, wing + other parts, organic debris, swirls/flow lines, some less translucent areas)
31.8grams (2C - close-up shown; with really nice twig-like inclusions)

Row 3:
32.5grams (3A - 2 bugs with escaping bubble, lots of neat tiny flecks/bubbles? in layers/rows)
35.5grams (3B - SOLD: close-up shown; at least 6 insects, other interesting debris, twig-like hollowed out inclusion, piece is mostly transparent with some cloudy flow lines)
38.6grams (3C - cluster of at least 6 bugs near pointed end, lots of flecks, natural indent, some surface crazing)

Row 4:
53.9grams (4A - close-up shown - 3 insects, twigs?, bubbles, one surface left unpolished shows neat texture and patterns that are magnified by the rest of the copal)
58.0grams (4B - dense piece with insect and other dark inclusions, some opaque/cloudy areas showing flow)
93.4grams (4C - close-up shown; 3 insects near surface, some surface crazing, one unpolished side creates neat textures magnified by the rest of the copal)

bind rune amber Thors hammer Mjolnir* *bind rune amber Thors hammer Mjolnir*

Two sides shown of an amber Thors hammer (Mjolnir) with a bind rune on the back.
The top part of the front projects out slightly like a pyramid and there is a hole drilled for a string.
One of a kind! $65 - SOLD.

*Baltic amber Thors hammers*

Cognac colored Baltic amber and silver Thor's hammers (Mjollnir). SOLD.
We do plan on getting more amber Thor's hammers produced, most likely without silver.
Please let us know if you would like to be placed on our wait list to be notified when that occurs.
Prices will likely range from $50 to $75/each.

*white antler and black horn Thors hammers*

We also have some antler (white) and horn (black) Thor's hammers.
All have SOLD, but we are hoping to get more carved; these are posted as typical examples.
Custom work may also be possible. Please ask if this is of interest!
These run $25-$30/each plain as shown, more with engravings.

*red Celtic knotwork* *red dragon knotstika*

A red cloth with a simple Celtic knotwork border that could be used as a sarong or tablecloth ($25),
and a huge 82-1/2" by 97" red cloth tapestry or wall-hanging
with a swirling black Celtic dragon four-based knotwork pattern we like to call a knotstika ($30).
Please click these thumbnail-sized images to view larger versions (although still not at life size).

*cow horns*
*new cow horns Indian*
*whole cow horn*

Whole polished mostly black cow horns from India average approximately 9" long. $10/each.
Longer mottled brown and white ones from the States run around $15/each.
We are currently out of cow horns - ask to be placed on the wait list for when they come back in stock!
Water buffalo horns are also occasionally available, but are longer and a bit more expensive.
Extra shipping fee may apply due to their weight and size.

Click on these small images to view larger images;
only the third image will be shown at life size, the other photos are not posted at life size.
These would be great for displays that also contain horn body jewelry,
or lined with beeswax and used as traditional drinking horns!

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